Optimize your data with ZENfra™

An AI-based data optimization solution to support better, faster decision making


ZENfra™ will ensure you gain the maximum business benefit from your data – your most valuable corporate resource.

Eliminate End-of-Life Risks

ZENfra™ provides your team with a powerful AI-based platform for managing end-of-life information. By automating and streamlining lifecycle identification, ZENfra™ improves the accuracy of upgrade planning, enables proactive mitigation and reduces the risk of end-of-life service issues.

  • Connects automatically with hosts to collect up-to-date lifecycle information
  • Identifies hardware information using AI/ML technologies
  • Automatically updates EOL/EOS databases
  • Enables optimum host configuration based on individual lifecycle profiles
  • Optimizes your environment for effective data management

Improve Infrastructure Health Checks

An effective health check is vital to avoid potential issues, reclaim resources and identify opportunities for performance improvement.  ZENfra™ features a customizable AI-based rules engine that enables fast, accurate validation of your environment.

  • Teams to create custom rules based on best practices
  • Quickly identify the health of your environments
  • Highlight issues based on unique health check criteria
  • Provides critical information for environment upgrades
  • Eliminates with data migration risks

Make Better Cloud Cost Decisions

ZENfra™ gives you the tools to choose the right cloud vendor for your cloud strategy. It collects accurate, up-to-date information on costs and configurations as a basis for comparing and analyzing cloud alternatives to meet your needs.

  • Compares server configurations and data using AI/ML-based tools
  • Collects accurate information on instance types and costs automatically
  • Updates pricing repository automatically
  • Enables accurate comparisons using advanced analytics
  • Reduces time and effort needed to make cost comparisons