Everything you need for better Insights and Tracking

ZENfra™ Analytics Engine

ZENfra™ is an industry leading AI driven analytics engine that provides visibility to a company’s data center and IT infrastructure in a single snapshot.

With ZENfra™ Data Management, Analytics, Project Tracking, and Security right at your fingertips you can be more proactive and make faster decisions in today’s challenging and fast paced IT environment.

Data Management

Data Collection
Digest Third Party Custom Files
Data Processing
Data Collection
  • No Agent Installation required- No background processes are needed
  • Vendor Supported Device Logfiles
  • Reduce collection time for large enterprises using ZENfra™
  • Log Based discovery- Discovery Logs is created showing any failures, updates, migration methods and more…
Digest Third Party Custom Files
  • Process excel and csv files for data visualization
  • Import CMDB, application, lease and other static information
  • Control who can import and who can read based on field
Data Processing
data processing slider
  • Easy-to-Use ZENfra™ processing engine that converts logfiles from un-structured data to structured data
  • Ad-Hoc analysis in just a few short clicks using drag & drop method
  • High-Performance Computing that Interconnects between application-server-switch-storage creating a high throughput and low latency
  • ZENfra™ Data validation and relationship building between complex enterprise infrastructure will allow systematic design decisions on both short & long-term plans and decisions on new design constraints, sustainability and resource support

Advanced Analytics

  • Discovery and Inventory reports
    • Analytics on compute, storage and switches based on processed information
      • CPU
      • Memory
      • Patches
      • Storage
      • HBAs
      • Network
      • Hardware information
    • End-to-End analytics both summary and detailed.
      • End-to-End data point and reporting from server-switches and storage.
    • Heterogenous reporting
      • Windows, Unix, Storage, Virtualization and SAN switches reporting.
    • 100+ analytic reporting
  • ZENfra™ provides validation and governance against Industry standards
  • Best practice validation based on our multiple years of experience in infrastructure.
  • Drag and Drop shortcutsfor faster reporting
  • Create charts and grouping data for visualization aid
  • Project Summary and Pivot-table reporting for advanced users.
  • Able to export analytics as PDF and Excel for distribution.

Project Tracking

  • Links data from third party and technical information for the project tracking
  • Able to add additional columns dynamically based on projects
    • Access control for each field
    • Edit Migration Source for deleting or adding more servers
    • Analytics configurable for easy summary access
    • Track changes for each field to avoid confusion
    • Default setting to display for multiple projects
  • select subset of infrastructure devices for the scope
  • add additional columns or fields based on group
    • Destination profile
    • Migration Wave group
    • Server Locations
  • Customizable filter for each user to better visualize data
  • Quickly access data needed for decision making on the fly across
  • Users  view and edit fields based on their field level access
  • Multiple projects for same customer and reporting across all the projects

Effective Sanity Check

ZENfra™ runs an AI-based integrity checking system that allows a user to verify and maintain data accuracy throughout the data migration process. A user can compare, validate and report errors in multiple log files.

  • AI-based system logs data collection and sanity check
  • Automates correction to issues during data analytics
  • Ensures accuracy of data using inbuilt AI/ML engine
  • Provides full-time assistance in comparing, validating and reporting errors in multiple log files
  • Makes the data analytics process stable and reliable

Favorite Views

  • Create views to access the most used analytics in a single click
  • Categorize views based on business use case
  • Filter views by category
  • Share views with other users in your organization
  • Manage shared views and add/revoke user/site access

Dynamic Charts

  • Create various charts (Bar, Pie, Line and Table) for stunning reports
  • Breakdown and better visualize data
  • Categorize based on business use case
  • Share with other users in your organization
  • Manage shared charts and add/revoke user/site access
  • Fully customizable charts based on the user's specific requirements


  • Visualize what is important to you in a single view and make quick decisions
  • One consolidated view
  • Easily and quickly add analytics to your Dashboard in a few clicks


  • Define access for a single or multiple sites, users can easily switch between sites based on their access and from one project to another
  • Each site can define available  features and analytics
  • Field level access control in each project
proven power

Proven Power

  • Digests information from multiple data sources
  • Agentless technical data collection using vendor–specific log files
  • Create end-to-end mapping (Operating System — Storage)
  • Configuration validation based on customer standards and best practices
  • Electronic validation of configuration change and migration completion
  • Notification of predefined events and migration status