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ZENfra collects accurate, up-to-date information on costs and server configuration and presents the cost comparison for AWS, AZURE, and Google Cloud platforms. This would help to know which cloud platform offers low cost for the same configuration and decide quickly to reduce the cost.
ZENfra provides advanced rule engines where the users can configure multiple business rules and apply color-coding. These rules will highlight the risks (anomalies or issues on the data) based on the rules configured.
Suppose you are using any operating systems or hardware that is outdated and the vendor is no longer providing support. In that case, that's considered a significant risk. ZENfra gives you the details of End of Life and End of Support data for all your Operating systems and hardware models in a single report.


Yes, Of course. ZENfra helps you manage tasks and offers many capabilities to add project fields, assign tasks to engineers and monitor the progress using dynamic charts.
ZENfra is a tailored made project management tool for Migration. It provides details of all the servers, storage, switch, compatibility in a single place. It would help the engineers to access all the information required for Migration and update the progress.
ZENfra collects the latest compatibility matrix for all vendors and compares it against the servers and storage data to assess whether the server/storage device is compatible for Migration. It provides the status for each component and overall.


Yes. You can add various charts from all modules on Dashboard and see the summary on one page.
Yes. ZENfra offers a dynamic chart feature that allows you to create various charts (Bar, Pie, Line, and Table) for your data.
Yes, Of course. You can share the chart with either specific users or all users on that site and manage the shared charts.
Yes. You can create favorite views for the reports you are frequently using and access those reports with a single click.
ZENfra has 100+ analytics reports for all servers, storage, and switches. You can see analytics for Server, HBA, Disk SAN and Disk SAN, and many more.

Data Management

No. ZENfra provides the collection scripts and procedures to collect the logs. You need to download the script file and run the same on corresponding devices to get the log files. Then, you can upload the log files into ZENfra for further analytics.
Yes. You can import the excel data into ZENfra and connect that data with your servers, storage, or switches to view the analytics.
Servers: Unix, Windows, VMware, Nutanix Switch: Brocade, Cisco Storage: 3PAR, HDS, ISILON, PURE, NETAPP, VNX, VMAX, VPLEX, XTREMEIO

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