Cloud Strategy: Where to begin

A ZENfra assessment is a good first step in a cloud strategy.  ZENfra is an infrastructure analysis tool designed to provide actionable data.  This data is in many forms, risk analysis, end-to-end analysis, cloud compute comparisons and health checks (to name a few).  Here is an example of the ZENfra analysis workflow.

1. Customer collects and uploads native log files


2. ZENfra creates analysis reports

a. Identifies risks – customer takes actions to address/remove risks

Risk Assessment

b. Healthcheck report – customer uses data to update firmware and drivers – remove potential support issues


c. Trend analysis report – customer reviews trends and tailors best practices to standardize infrastructure

d. Utilization report – gives customer visibility into VM usage across the infrastructure

3. ZENfra creates cloud comparison report

a. Cloud comparison report – customer uses report to compare cloud costs per VM


ZENfra creates specific, detailed reports that allow your teams to remove risks, gain better visibility into the infrastructure and develop a cloud strategy based on facts.  Once this cloud strategy is developed, Virtual Tech Gurus migration engineers can work with or for you and your teams to move workloads to the “cloud”.

Developing a "Cloud" strategy can be easy given the right information.  ZENfra can provide that right information.

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