A digital transformation tool for your migration and cloud initiatives

ZENfra™ is a powerful, versatile automation tool designed to improve time-consuming digital transformation tasks such as migration, optimization, end-of-life system support and health checks.


Accelerate migration times while reducing costs

Migrations are an integral part of every digital transformation initiative but can overburden a busy IT staff.  ZENfra™ eliminates complex, time-consuming, and disruptive migration tasks by automating the process. ZENfra™ also helps lower migration costs by up to 25 % and reduce lead times by 30-40 % as compared to traditional in-house methods.

  • Ensures a successful end-to-end transition
  • Frees IT staff to focus on strategic tasks
  • Improves project management with accurate tracking and reporting
reduce cloud cost
Simplify storage planning and optimization

Optimize Data For Better Decision Making

Effective optimization ensures data is up to date, accurate and available to users. ZENfra™ simplifies and speeds up optimization by reducing risk in end-of-life systems, automating infrastructure health checks and improving cloud vendor selection processes.

  • Improves visibility and mitigation of end-of-life system risks
  • Enables fast accurate validation of migration environments
  • Provides tools for identifying and comparing cloud vendors

Reduce Risks from Aging Systems

Timely upgrades reduce the risk of poor end-of-life performance. ZENfra™ improves the accuracy of upgrade planning by automating and streamlining end-of-life risk identification and mitigation.

  • Identifies the up-to-date lifecycle stage for hardware and operating systems
  • Improves visibility into infrastructure health
  • Optimizes mitigation planning to reduce end-of-life risk
reduce end of life
effective health check

Increase Insight from Infrastructure Health Checks

An effective health check can help you avoid potential issues, reclaim resources and identify opportunities for performance improvement. ZENfra™ simplifies health checks by automating data gathering and analysis.

  • Quickly segregates data using AI/ML-based rules engine
  • Analyzes the environment against industry standards
  • Identifies opportunities for improvement and automation

Improve Team Productivity and Performance

ZENfra™ can free the IT team from time-consuming tasks by providing high levels of automation, advanced data collection and management features, sophisticated analytics, custom reporting and UX features to improve productivity, accuracy and performance across all use cases.

  • Improves the speed, accuracy and security of data collection and management
  • Provides greater insight through powerful analytics and custom reporting
  • Enhances usability through customizable UX features
improve team productivity
effective sanity check

Increase Inventory Management Efficiency

Efficient inventory management is essential for supporting digital transformation initiatives and maintaining infrastructure performance. ZENfra™ provides important features for building and maintaining an accurate, up-to-date inventory.

  • Enables centralized management of all infrastructure devices
  • Supports life cycle management and strategic decision making for the IT environment
  • Covers all elements of the operating system and hardware discovered in the business environment
  • Supports AI/ML- based intelligent capacity planning for the data center’s critical systems
  • Features tools for multiple analysis to provide deeper insight into the infrastructure
  • Improves inventory management by supporting import and mapping of external data to the discovered infrastructure devices